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Design your custom sweater

Scroll through for an overview of our different design options. There are many more examples that can be referenced over on the 'gram! Please contact us for any custom inquiries or designs not pictured below.

  • Name only

    Our classic cursive name sweater. Type out the name exactly as you would like it embroidered (ie capitalized or all lower case, accents, etc). Select one or more yarn colours for the lettering.

    {Pictured - name in Natural on an Orchid sweater}

  • Name only (uppercase)

    Type the name in all CAPS for this chunky letter option. Select one or more yarn colours for the lettering.

    {Pictured - name in Soft Taupe on a Cream sweater}

  • Name - Candy Cane

    A classic red and white candy cane embroidery for the sweetest holiday look!

    {Pictured - Candy Cane embroidery on an Evergreen sweater}

  • Name - Holiday Lights

    Your little one's name in lights - a fun seasonal design!

    {Pictured - Holiday Lights embroidery on a Sweet Tooth sweater}

  • Scattered flowers only

    The sweetest floral sweater that is embroidered using your favorite colours. Bonus - it can be handed down once outgrown!

    {Pictured - White daisies on an Aqua sweater}

  • Name + one flower

    If the name contains an "i" or a "j", we'll dot the letter with a flower when this complimentary option is chosen.

    {Pictured - name in chunky Sparkle with Periwinkle/ Yellow flower on a Rose sweater}

  • Name + one flower

    No letters to dot? We'll add the flower at the end of the name.

    {Pictured - name in Vanilla Sprinkle with Dusty rose/ Mustard flower on a Larkspur sweater}

  • Name + 3 flowers

    Just a touch of florals for a cute understated look.

    {Pictured - name in chunky Sparkle with Dusty rose/ Mustard flowers on an Orchid sweater}

  • Name + scattered flowers

    Scattered flowers make for such a whimsical look! Choose up to 3 colours for the flowers.

    {Pictured - name in Sage with Natural/ Dusty rose flowers on a Larkspur sweater}

  • Name + medium design

    Add a medium design to replace a letter (typically an "o") with a sun or flower.

    {Pictured - name in Natural with sun in Yellow on a Larkspur sweater}

  • Simple monogram

    A simple line monogram with 3 little blooms - so sweet! Medium yarn works best for this delicate design.

    {Pictured - M in Vanilla Sprinkle, flowers in Punch, Blush and Sunset on a Funfetti sweater}

  • Floral monogram

    Pick your colours or leave it up to us! The options are endless :)

    {Pictured - FALL colours on a Khaki sweater}